Inpatient Rehabilitation

Helio Health Inpatient Rehabilitation is a NYS OASAS certified facility and offers a short-term intensive program for patients requiring a highly structured, supportive environment. Utilizing a multi-disciplinary team consisting of medical and counseling professionals, programming is tailored to the needs of each patient. Individual and group counseling are coupled with patient education. Length of stay is dependent on the patients individual progress and presentation in treatment.  Length of stay can be up to twenty eight days. Continuing care coordination begins upon admission with referral to services in the patient’s preferred county. Helio Health’s Willows Inpatient Rehabilitation is the only inpatient program in Central New York that accepts women postpartum with newborn children up to 3 months old into treatment.

What to Bring

  1. Seasonally appropriate clothing. Washer and dryers are available at no cost. Detergent is provided as well.
  2. Each person is limited to one bag.
  3. Shower shoes or flip flops are strongly recommended.
  4. Toiletry items (i.e. shaving cream, bath soap, shampoo, sanitary products, deodorant, toothbrush and tooth paste, comb, brush, non-aerosol hairspray (pump type only), and any other personal hygiene items. Only alcohol free items are permitted. ALL TOILETRY PRODUCTS MUST BE IN A CLEAR CONTAINER.
  5. Stamps for items that intend to be mailed.
  6. Puzzle books (i.e. crossword, Sudoku), recovery related reading material, other appropriate reading material is encouraged.
  7. Helio Health is not responsible for any valuables kept in your room or on your person.

Program Locations

Helio Health Inpatient Detox Rehab Treatment Program


Willows Inpatient Rehabilitation

847 James Street

Syracuse, NY 13203

Telephone: 315-492-1184

Helio Health Inpatient Detox Binghamton Side Exterior


Binghamton Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

249 Glenwood Road, Building One

Binghamton, NY 13905

Telephone: 607-296-3072

Rochester Pathways outside web


Pathways of Helio Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center

1850 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd.

Rochester, NY 14623

Telephone: 585-287-5622

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