Board of Directors

Board Members

Shane M. McCrohan, Partner, Scolaro, Fetter, Grizanti, McGough & King, P.C., Board Chair, Executive Committee Chair, Finance, Audit & Property Committee, Governance & Nominating Committee

Martin McDermott, Senior Vice President, JF Real Estate, Board Vice Chair, Executive Committee, Governance & Nominating Committee Chair, Strategic Space Planning Committee

Lisa Morrow-Whittaker, Communications Consultant, Board Secretary, Executive Committee, Governance & Nominating Committee

Travis Smith, Dermody, Burke and Brown CPAs, LLC, Board Treasurer, Executive Committee, Finance, Audit & Property Committee Chair

James Antonacci, Owner and CEO (Retired) Practicare Medical Management, Immediate Past Board Chair, Executive Committee, Governance & Nominating Committee, Strategic Space Planning Committee

Scott Lickstein, Attorney, Newman and Lickstein, Strategic Space Planning Committee Chair; Governance & Nominating Committee

Joseph Zikuski, Chief of Police, City of Binghamton, Human Resources Committee

Cheryl Pusztai, District Vice President-City District, YMCA of Greater Syracuse, Strategic Space Planning Committee

John Balzano, Utica City Court Judge (Retired), Strategic Space Planning Committee

David Mathis, Director of Oneida County Workforce Development, , Human Resources Committee

James D’Onofrio, President Arlott Office Products, Finance, Audit & Property Committee

Scott McGuinness, Ph.D, St. John Fisher University, Assistant Professor, Strategic Space Planning Committee

Helen Lopez, Finance, Audit & Property Committee

Robert Johnson, Retired, Finance, Audit & Property Committee

Patricia Buell, Retired, Human Resources Committee

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