Board of Directors

Board Members

James Antonacci, Immediate Past Board Chair, Executive Committee, Governance & Nominating Committee, Strategic Space Planning Committee

Shane M. McCrohan, Scolaro, Fetter, Grizanti, McGough & King, P.C., Board Chair, Executive Committee Chair, Finance, Audit & Property Committee, Governance & Nominating Committee

Martin McDermott, JF Real Estate,Board Vice Chair, Executive Committee, Governance & Nominating Committee Chair, Strategic Space Planning Committee

Scott Lickstein, Newman and Lickstein, Strategic Space Planning Committee Chair; Governance & Nominating Committee

Lisa Morrow-Whittaker, Board Secretary, Executive Committee, Governance & Nominating Committee

Shane Attlee, Ernst & Young, Human Resources Committee Chair

Joseph Zikuski, City of Binghamton Chief of Police, Human Resources Committee

Cheryl Pusztai, YMCA of Greater Syracuse, Strategic Space Planning Committee

John Balzano, Utica City Court Judge (Retired), Strategic Space Planning Committee

David Mathis, Director of Oneida County Workforce Development, Human Resources Committee

James D’Onofrio, Oneida County Legislator, Finance, Audit & Property Committee

Travis Smith, Dermody, Burke and Brown CPAs, LLC,Board Treasurer, Executive Committee, Finance, Audit & Property Committee Chair

Scott McGuinness, Ph.D, St. John Fisher University, Assistant Professor

Helen Lopez, Finance, Audit & Property Committee

Robert Johnson

Pat Buell

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