Representative Payee Service

Appointed by the Social Security Administration, Representative Payees provide monetary management services to individuals that may not have a traditional network of supports and who receive monthly Social Security benefits. Representative Payees work with the individual to create a budget designed to ensure there is enough money for necessities; food, shelter, clothing, and medical expenses, while also helping to develop a plan to pay for personal care items, entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses. Representative Payees use the benefit money to pay for the person’s current and foreseeable needs and properly save any unused benefits for future needs. The Payee will keep accurate records of the funds and how they are spent. Information is reported regularly to the Social Security Administration for individuals who qualify.

Who is Eligible

Individuals, over the age of 18 receiving SSI or SSD benefits who do not have traditional networks of support, such as family or friends, people who are elderly or disabled, and those who have challenges managing their funds are eligible for this service.

Referral Process

Referrals are received from the Social Security Administration requesting services for those who qualify. Individuals may also go to the Social Security Administration office and request a Representative Payee.

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