Executive Leadership

Jeremy Klemanski Headshot

Jeremy Klemanski

President and C.E.O.

Kathleen Gaffney-Gabb Headshot

Kathleen Gaffney-Babb

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Barbara Frappier Headshot

Barbara Frappier

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Connie Lickstein

Connie Lickstein

General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer

Headshot for Lisa Mancini

Lisa Mancini

Chief Clinical Officer

Headshot for Susan Zdanowicz

Susan Zdanowicz

Chief Development Officer

Headshot for Becky Dishaw

Rebecca Dishaw

Chief Human Resources Officer

Headshot for Erica Rubiconti

Erica Rubiconti

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Headshot for Nate Rauscher

Nathan Rauscher

Director of Continuous Quality Improvement & Compliance

Headshot for Bill Ruckyj

Bill Ruckyj

Director of Facilities Management

Headshot for Lauren Klemanski

Lauren Klemanski

Marketing Director

Headshot for Ashley Forshee

Ashley Forshee

Development Director

Headshot for Lisa Nurnberger

Lisa Nurnberger

Finance Director

Headshot of Richard Thompson

Richard Thomson

Contracts Director

Headshot for Bridget Royal

Bridget Royal

Finance & Contracts Specialist

Headshot for Ashley Considine

Ashley Considine

Finance Specialist

Headshot for Peggy Vanderwater

Peggy Van Der Water

Finance Specialist

Headshot for Colette Thompson

Colette Thompson

Human Resources Director

Headshot for Amy Doran

Amy Doran

Human Resources Specialist

Headshot for Amanda O'Brien

Amanda O’Brien

Human Resources Specialist

Headshot for Jansen Mercado

Jansen Mercado

Human Resources Specialist

Headshot for Jaime Stephenson

Jaime Stephenson

H.I.T. System Administrator

Headshot for Brian Nicholas

Brian Nicholas

Continuous Quality Improvement Specialist

Headshot for Deena Dombroske

Deena Dombroske

Marketing Specialist

Florence Dukes

Marketing Specialist

Headshot for Mark Procopio

Mark Procopio

Operations Specialist

Headshot for Steven Comer

Steven Comer

Training Institute Specialist

Headshot for Laura Kolodziejczyk

Laura Kolodziejczyk

Administrative Assistant

Jason Page

Training Institute Director

Jackie Dyke

Grant Writer

Chelsea Krysczak


Michael Mayo

AP Team Leader

Jessica McNally

H.I.T. Specialist

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