Executive Leadership


Kathleen Gaffney-Babb

President & CEO

Lisa Mancini

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Ross Sullivan

Executive Medical Director

Susan Zdanowicz

Susan Zdanowicz

Senior Vice President of the Mohawk Valley Region

Kristen Morey

Sr. Vice President of Central & Southern Regions

Sabrina Howland

Sabrina Howland

Vice President of Finger Lakes Region

Jeffrey Justice

Chief Financial Officer

Connie lickstein

Connie Lickstein

General Counsel

Kira Vasquez

Chief Compliance Officer

Beth Lawyer

Beth Lawyer

Chief Revenue Officer

Becky Dishaw

Becky Dishaw

Chief Human Resources Officer

Corey Zeigler

Chief Information Officer

Shawna Cragmile

Chief Growth Officer

Robert Roberts

Chief Facility Operations Officer

Erica Rubiconti

Erica Rubiconti

Chief of Staff

Kathi Meadows

Kathi Meadows

Outpatient Division Vice President

Megan Cooper

In-Community Division Vice President

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