Intensive Apartment Program

Designated for individuals who have a serious psychiatric disability and OMH high priority status. The program includes individualized service plans, and clients are required to participate in appropriate programming. Two bedroom apartments accommodate adults with children. Case Managers work 1:1 to support symptom management, coach skill development, and provide individualized restorative services in 11 rehabilitative areas. Total of 31 units, of which 5 apartments located in the Catherine Street building and 5 apartments located in the Star Park building.

To apply:

  • SPOA application, MH treatment records, proof of serious psychiatric disability, OMH high priority status, and Physician’s Authorization required.
  • Must meet Medicaid medical necessity criteria for Medicaid billing and pay SSI Congregate Care Level II fees.
  • Apply through Residential Intake Department or Onondaga County SPOA Team.

518 James Street, Suite 280,
Syracuse, NY 13203,

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