Residential Re-integration

Residential Re-Integration provides a safe and sober environment to assist in the ongoing recovery needs of resident.

How it Works

  • Individuals must be 18 or older.
  • Must have a diagnosis of substance use disorder and mental health.
  • Require the support of a residence that provides an alcohol, drug and tobacco free environment.
  • Do not require 24 hour a day on-site supervision by clinical staff, and exhibit the skills and strengths necessary to maintain abstinence and re-adapt to independent living in the community.
  • Each resident is assigned to a Case Manager who works with them to implement an individualized service plan and provide support, guidance, and encouragement.
  • Average length of stay is based on the individuals recovery needs
  • Residents are expected to maintain a 35-hour-a-week schedule consisting of: outpatient treatment, volunteering, educational programming and/or employment.

Program Locations


Residential Services

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