Inpatient Detoxification

Helio Health’s Withdrawal and Stabilization Services are NYS OASAS certified facilities that offer treatment services to those that are temporarily incapacitated from alcohol and other substances. Medical and clinical staff are on-site 24 hours a day to assist patients in managing their mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms within a medically structured setting, providing a safe place to begin the recovery process. Individual and group counseling are combined with medical care and bed rest in a safe and comfortable environment. The average length of stay is three to five days but may vary based on the specific needs of the individual. Priority placement is given to pregnant I.V. drug users, pregnant women, I.V. drug users, and parents who have lost or are at risk of losing custody of their children due to substance abuse.

What to bring

  1. Seasonally appropriate clothing. Washer and dryers are available at no cost. Detergent is provided as well.
  2. Each person is limited to one bag.
  3. Shower shoes or flip flops are strongly recommended.
  4. Stamps for items intended to be mailed.
  5. Puzzle books (i.e. crossword, Sudoku), recovery related reading material, other appropriate reading material is encouraged.
  6. Helio Health is not responsible for any valuables kept in your room or on your person.

Services we offer include:

Program Locations

Helio Health Inpatient Detox-Rehab-Treatment Program Exterior


Willows Inpatient Treatment Center

847 James Street

Syracuse, NY 13203

Telephone: 315-492-1184



Rochester Evaluation Center

1350 University Avenue

Rochester, NY 14607

Telephone: 585-287-5622

Helio Health Inpatient Detox Binghamton Side Exterior


Binghamton Evaluation Center

249 Glenwood Road, Building One

Binghamton, NY 13905

Telephone: 607-296-3072

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Every dollar spent on treatment results in as much as seven dollars saved in other costs to our community.

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Helio Health is open and admitting patients.

We are asking individuals to call and complete a brief screening to ensure the safety of all patients, families and staff.

Telehealth is available for intakes, groups, individual counseling appointments and medication assisted treatment appointments at our outpatient programs.

Helio Health is committed to the safety of the people we serve. If you or a loved one is in need of help, please call our Regional Open Access Center for Addiction at

For additional information about how Helio Health is responding to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we are serving the people in our community, please click here.

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