SYRACUSE, N.Y. – June 26, 2018 – Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare (SBH) has changed its name to Helio Health as part of an organization-wide rebrand.

The new name, inspired by an ancient Greek term relating to the sun, reflects the organization’s mission to be a patient-centric and innovative bright spot in the recovery landscape with a continuum of care patients need to reach their full potential. The organization’s new tagline, Where hope meets healing, expresses its goal to improve patient outcomes through a balance of compassionate care and clinical excellence.

“We are excited to embrace our new identity as Helio Health and to continue providing the regions we serve with accessible, patient-centric care,” said Jeremy Klemanski, President and CEO of Helio Health. “The decision to rename our organization was an easy one as we have experienced substantial growth and the SBH name has become outdated. Our new name reflects that we are more than just behavioral health and our services reach much farther than the City of Syracuse.”

With 509 beds and over 360 dedicated employees located at treatment facilities in Syracuse, Binghamton and Rochester that operate in seven counties and serve people from over 40 counties in New York State, Helio Health provides comprehensive and successful clinical programs for people of all ages who are impacted by substance use, and/or mental health disorders.

Helio Health provides comprehensive programs dedicated to supporting individuals in detox, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient or residential treatment who want their lives back, including its 24/7 Regional Open Access Center for Addiction, Center of Treatment Innovation to meet the needs of opioid addiction in remote areas, Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, Training Institute for continuing education and public training, and more.

“We work closely with referrers and partners throughout the region who want their clients treated quickly in a program they trust,” said Klemanski. “We have helped over 7,000 people in Central and Western New York struggling with substance use and/or mental health disorders in the past year alone. Like the sun, the name Helio represents a place where patients can find a light from the darkness, a place where they can seek warmth from the cold. The new name works very well for what we do.”

The name change to Helio Health will not alter any services currently offered and relationships with referral partners will remain the same. There will be no change to staffing, leadership or current locations. To learn more, visit

About Helio Health

Helio Health promotes recovery from the effects of substance use and mental health disorders through healthcare programs at every stage of the rehabilitation process. Helio Health’s programs have helped

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