Congratulations to the 2018 MVP Award Winners!

Congratulations to our 2018 MVP Award winners!

We received 141 nominations this year which is a record number. We also added six additional MVP categories due to the companies’ growth.

Below is a listing of the winners from 2018:

  • Administration & Support Services – Erica Rubiconti

This colleague;

  • Hard working and dedicated
  • Excellent follow-up and organizational skills
  • Plans and executes special events with what seems like ease
  • Keeps everything on an even keel and assists all of the Admin employees to ensure they have everything they need when they start
  • Makes everyone feel welcome


  • Integrated Outpatient, The Meadows– V Reid

This colleague;

  • Is customer focused, person centered, efficient, friendly, sympathetic, professional and productive
  • Is hard working, compassionate and is a pure joy to work with
  • Goes above and beyond to make sure each patient is taken care of
  • Always has a positive attitude and keeps the Helio Health mission a priority
  • Treats others with empathy, compassion and joy and has a giving heart


  • COTI & ROACA – New Category – Ron Wood

This colleague;

  • Has made themselves available at all times to ensure patents get the help they need and get the treatment they need
  • Has educated groups across six counties by providing outreach through meetings, task forces and job fairs
  • Leads by example and is always ready and willing to help and works with all of the programs and other treatment providers to best serve all people looking for help


  • OTP – New Category – Kevin Howard

This colleague;

  • Works with our patients and population with dedication and passion
  • Deals with adversities with grace and poise
  • Is open and honest to staff and is supportive and thoughtful
  • Hardworking and always maintains a positive attitude


  • Child & Adolescent Clinic – New Category – Kyle Taranto

This colleague;

  • Always goes above and beyond for his patients
  • Never hesitates to take on patients, despite their high caseload and will do whatever it takes to fit someone in need into their schedule
  • Puts in the extra effort support the patients, but also the staff
  • Has a supportive and caring demeanor


  • Residential Services, Treatment – Kenia Chanelo

This colleague;

  • Makes others around them want to give 110%
  • Has made the residence a place where those who seek a safe haven can come find a new beginning in their recovery
  • Is always motivating the staff to do more in order to provide more time and availability for patients reaching out for services
  • Always comes to work with a smile and always leaves with one


  • Residential, Supportive – New Category – Jodey Coan

This colleague;

  • Is very outgoing and presents themselves as ever adaptable to the situation at hand and exemplifies World Class Customer Service
  • Is always willing to go the extra mile
  • Their commitment to our mission is unwavering.
  • Has the ability to remind people to be grateful and portrays a grateful spirit and humble attitude


  • Rochester – Cliff Hawkes

This colleague;

  • Is extremely reliable, responsible, detailed orientated, efficient, organized and a great team player
  • Their work ethic amazes and inspires their colleagues
  • Has developed an amazing admissions routine for Counselor Aide’s to follow that is very productive
  • Has a great ability to provide empathy as well as structure that our clients need


  • Pathway Houses of Helio Heath – New Category – Deanna Cappon

This colleague;

  • Is a team player, is always responsive to requests
  • Is assertive and eager to take responsibility when asked
  • Provides stability and structure for the residents


  • Binghamton – New Category – Lori Strobl

This colleague;

  • Is a ray of sunshine for everyone in Binghamton
  • Is always willing to go above and beyond for their co-workers and the patients
  • Their patience is ever-ending and their presence on the unit is calming
  • You know you can go to her with anything and she is there to help


  • Willows Inpatient – Abigail Schloupt

This colleague;

  • Exudes the spirit of the Willows with their smile, willingness to put in the extra work and the ability to adapt to the ever changing environment of the Inpatient program
  • Creates an environment that fosters respect and professionalism
  • Has a positive attitude in her daily work with patients ad goes above and beyond to support their colleagues
  • Exemplifies World Class Customer Service
  • Makes all patients feel welcome and comfortable


  • Medical Professional – Mike Persin, RN

This colleague;

  • Has a contagious smile and always makes people laugh
  • Goes above and beyond everyday
  • Is highly skilled and reliable
  • The children in our care adore him and many will stop in to visit when their door is open


  • Spirit of SBH – Jansen Mercado

This colleague;

  • Maintains a positive demeanor in the workplace
  • Their energy and enthusiasm for their work are an asset to the team
  • Is extremely hard working
  • Is happy to help when asked


  • Leadership Award – Dr. Ross Sullivan

This colleague:

  • Provides exemplary person-centered care
  • Has a great mind related to medicolegal issues and is proactive identifying areas where Helio Health can improve
  • Is a strong advocate for patients and staff
  • Is a visionary leader in regards to addiction medicine and trends in the field.


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