School Based Services

Helio Health’s Child and Adolescent outpatient clinic operates a satellite offices at many area schools. A clinician is available on-site at the school to work with high school students referred through the school counseling office. The satellite clinics operate as an extension of the main outpatient clinic- students are eligible to receive all of the services affiliated with the clinic when enrolled in treatment via the satellite. These services include individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, psychiatric evaluations, ongoing medication management, case management and psychiatric rehabilitation services, and health monitoring appointments with a nurse.

Helio’s clinician is able to work with a variety of mental health needs, including anxiety, depression, attention issues, problematic behaviors, trauma, substance use issues, issues with family and interpersonal functioning, and more. The school counseling office, in conjunction with the school staff, identify students who may benefit from counseling support additional to what the school is able to put in place. The school staff then discuss the potential referral with the student and/or family before a referral is submitted. Parents may also make a referral for the child as well.

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