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Are you concerned for the safety and well-being of a loved one with a substance use disorder? We can help. First, we engage you and your family in three one-hour sessions to prepare and plan the intervention. Then we provide access to a professional interventionist who will work closely with you, your family and a Helio Health counselor as you undertake the intervention.


The Intervention Timeline

Holding an intervention for your loved one is a sign of love and respect for the individual. Below is the timeline for our intervention process:


Pre-Intervention Session 1

Identify issues that intervening party wishes to address; work together to create intervention that all parties are comfortable with; identify what treatment provider the intervening party would like to refer their loved one to.


Pre-Intervention Session 2

Continue to work with the intervening party to create intervention; refer family or others to family or individualized counseling or other community-based resources; and referrals to treatment for the person receiving the intervention are finalized.


Pre-Intervention Session 3

Intervention Rehearsal



Interventionist hosts the event with the intervening party.

To connect with one of our intervention experts please call us at 315-471-1564 ext. 3317. You can also get started by completing the form below and we will contact you directly.

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